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FreeSWITCH uses a wiki to allow the entire community help write documentation, provide examples, and share experiences.

Wikis are easy to use. With the resources on this page you'll be editing soon.


FreeSWITCH uses MediaWiki, the same wiki software used by Wikipedia. MediaWiki allows simple, plain text markup to create nicely-formatted pages.

Start with this MediaWiki Editing Tutorial to learn the most common markup.

Then, if you'd like to learn more, read the MediaWiki Markup Language and use the Editing Reference for advanced topics.

Get Started

One of the best ways to learn MediaWiki is just to click "Edit" on a given page and review the wiki text that is used to create the page.

When you're ready, make an edit to the markup and click the "Show preview" button to see how the page will look. If looks good, then save the page.

Don't worry about mistakes! It's easy to revert a change, so if you make a mistake just let someone know.

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