Wiki meet 2008 09 17

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Wednesday September 17 at 1800 UTC (1300 CST) or via the nasty old PSTN at 213-799-1400
Or clicking on this link

Items Needing Documentation

  • Getting_Started_Guide needs to be clarified for NAT. BKW made the external SIP profile be able to handle NAT, so we just need to clarify which port is the default for NAT, i.e. 5070 or 5080 and also remove any references to the NAT SIP profile anywhere on the wiki

Items Needing Discussion

  • Splitting up the dialplan (lots of users seem to be falling into the same trap of adding extensions to the end of the dialplan)

From Last Week (Just a review)

  • Event_list page needs some attention - some items are listed as not documented when in fact they do have documentation
    • Recommendation: scrub the whole "undocumented" section of that page and lay out everything logically, whether it's been documented or not; we'll fill in the blanks as we go
    • Idle thought: ask those who've used mod_event_socket to step up and add some content to this page
    • mod_voicemail could use a little touch-up... doesn't have web/rss access stuff in it yet

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