Wiki meet 2008 08 20

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Items Needing Documentation

  • Please add items here!!!
  • Add the "Caller profile properties" (or whatever they are called) to the Channel_Variables page
    • See switch_caller.c starting at line 130
      • You get get at these with getvar
  • Review results of mod_enum "mod of the week" - how did it go?
  • Pick new mod of the week or seek more assistance with mod_enum
    • Ray to make a Google-ish search box, MC created a separate What_is_freeswitch page
    • MC/Ray to add link to what-is page, plus a link for "where do I go from here" or something like that

Recap of Who Has What To-Do Items

  • Mikey: OpenZAP
    • Sangoma A104D install and setup
    • NxtVox TDM400 clone install and setup
    • Digium TE121B install and setup
    • Rhino cards install/setup (as soon as I receive them)
  • Mikey: mod_console, mod_logfile, tone_detect and stop_tone_detect, mod_xml_cdr, web interface/web voicemail
  • Ray: mod_h26x, mod_fsv