Wiki meet 2008 08 13

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You can participate every Wednesday at 1800 UTC (1300 CST) by calling or via the nasty old PSTN at 213-799-1400 Or clicking on [1]

Items Needing Documentation

  • Voicemail web interface - needs at least a simple how-to including the proper URL
  • Glossary? Idea: add glossary wiki page with FS-centric definitions of terms we frequently use, then have wikipedia links (or whatever) to other info. Example: "early media"
  • Review the items that Ricardo put on Jira...
  • Review results of mod_cdr_csv on wiki - how good was the documentation?
  • Pick new mod of the week or just go down the list (mod_enum)
  • Poll question for group: should we move the "what is FreeSWITCH" description off of the main wiki page and into a separate section? Some suggest that this isn't the most effective content to have on the main page. Thoughts on what could replace it? Do you have any other wikis that you like that we could use as a model?
    • Ray to make a Google-ish search box, MC created a separate What_is_freeswitch page
    • MC/Ray to add link to what-is page, plus a link for "where do I go from here" or something like that

Recap of Who Has What To-Do Items

  • Mikey: OpenZAP
    • Sangoma A104D install and setup
    • NxtVox TDM400 clone install and setup
    • Digium TE121B install and setup
    • Rhino cards install/setup (as soon as I receive them)
  • Mikey: mod_console, mod_logfile, tone_detect and stop_tone_detect, mod_xml_cdr, web interface/web voicemail
  • Ray: mod_h26x, mod_fsv