Wiki meet 2008 07 30

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You can participate every Wednesday at 1800 UTC (1300 CST) by calling or via the nasty old PSTN at 213-799-1400 Or clicking on [1]

Suggested Items That Need Documenting

  • Default config wiki page revisit
    • still have many items completely empty
    • should we email out to the users list one or two items that need documenting and ask for help?
      • One or two questions only so that we don't bombard people
    • Any volunteers to work on things here?
      • MC still has mod_console and mod_logfile on his list
  • SIP over VPN
    • see IRC log with unpleasant exchange on Monday at about 4:30-4:45PM Eastern
    • Can someone document how to do this?
  • tone_detect / stop_tone_detect - need more info on wiki page
    • clarification: stop_tone_detect removes all TD's?
    • what is the tolerance/range? +/- 50Hz? 100Hz? etc.
    • how many samples or how long must a freq be present to be a positive hit?
    • briefly: how does the scoring work?
      • I'm looking at making the tone_detect docs a bit fleshier and knowing these things will help

Other discussion items

  • Confirm with bkw on recording these conf calls
    • where stored? how indexed?
    • Can we start a new recording and say at the beginning, "This section of the call has a discussion on ..."
  • Have bkw briefly discuss the issues that diego is having
    • What is he trying to do?
    • Why is he having so many problems?
    • How should you handle auth/security?
    • how should you handle NAT issues?