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You can participate every Wednesday at 1800 UTC (1300 CST) by calling or via the nasty old PSTN at 213-799-1400 Or clicking on [1]


API documentation

  • We have a report that uuid_send_dtmf isn't documented. We need volunteers to compare the output of "show api" with what is here and get the wiki sync'd up with what's actually in FS.
    • This API call will queue DTMF digits on the sesssion specified by uuid.

Misc Items

  • sip_bye_h prefix to add headers to bye
    • You can add custom headers to the bye message similar to sip_h_X
  • document telecast interface - this is so cool and I don't think anyone knows about it!! I will try to get a stub started shortly
    • Also, how difficult would it be to modify the base HTML for the telecast page to pull in a template file instead of having the HTML hard-coded in mod_shout.c? I would like to explore the idea of extending the telecast page, adding some javascript and a <noscript> section. The js could do periodic refreshes of the telecast list, have a check box to turn auto-refresh on or off, etc.

If we have time

  • Media bugs - I see media bugs all over the place but I don't see much, if any documentation. I'd like to get at least some basic developer info into the wiki:
    • What are media bugs? (In a nutshell)
    • What can they do?
    • What are they doing now? (e.g. in tone_detect, telecast, etc.) Let's get a list going of some of the great features that utilize media bugs
    • Where in the source are the guts of media bugs?

User documentation

  • There are a lot of getting started questions (from myself included) that have answers in the WIKI but the answers are buried. Ironically, the answers are all there, but not always well organized. I don't know if there is an initiative to improve the WIKI documentation structure, but it's certainly being used a lot. I wonder if I could spearhead something if nobody else is doing this? - Darren