Wiki meet 2008 06 11

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Brief review of progress on dead end page cleanup from last week's call

New Features To Doc


Polycom Presence

Polycom presence was added, no configuration necessary, but should still be doc'd

Per-User acl

Per-User ACL was added and not really well doc'd... we should probably elaborate on that a bit

Voicemail Notification Email

New channel variables added since 1.0.0

Complete list of channel variables, how to reliably extract from source code?

  • e.g. sip_outgoing_call_id (see this email)

undocumented variables

eavesdrop app is missing "eavesdrop_group" and examples. Several undocumented variables are lying around in channel_variables page and in fifo page.

Recommend review of getting started guide

A user list post by Rizwan Hisham prompted me to read the GSG from start to finish. I was mortified to see that the dialplan subsection had zero content, not even a link to dialplan info on the wiki. (There were/are a few links in the see also section at the end of the GSG but that doesn't help the noob who is going down the list on the GSG.) I added some [[1]] for the diaplan but being that it is so important I would like some feedback and suggestions about whether or not what I put there is too much/not enough/just right/etc.

Review app syntax in mod_dptools.c

(FIXED) Example: log app allows for loglevel + info to be logged, but wiki and show application don't reflect this fact. MC just updated the wiki on 2008-06-09 for log application. Are there other apps besides log that need syntax updating? Anyone available to submit patches for these updates?

New Call Time

Some people that would like to regularly attend the calls are unable to because of the time. We need to discuss potential new timeslots for these calls so that people that would like to attend, have the option.

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