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we still need to finish adopting the orphaned pages

I've done some work on the Orphaned Pages but there are still a few remaining

Ray volunteered to handle the remaining orphaned pages

there are still quite a few dead-end pages that need linkbacks

Dead End Pages need quite a bit of work too... namely a linkback to the general category should help most of these

Mikey volunteered to do zaptel, javascript, and misc. dialplan tools.
Brian Snipes volunteered to do py session stuff, snom370, and misc dialplan tools
Bill O'Neal volunteered to do mod_.

the default config page is still lacking some info

I think we should have a list of mods and files that are included in the default config and link them to pages that explain them.

A lot of the mods are already doc'd somewhere, but just don't follow the naming convention of mod_<modname>

the mod pages should have the list of apps that they include and what they do also.

the mod pages should probably also have a list of params that affect the way they behave and links to the files in which to add them

we need volunteers that will take ownership of certain areas of the wiki and not take on more than they can actually handle

preparing for 1.0.1

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