Wiki meet 2008 05 21

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  • we need to get links all filled in/working on the default config page
  • we should make all source locations standard across the wiki (i.e. /usr/src vs. /usr/local/src) (i prefer /usr/local/src, but it's negotiable)
  • how to get on IRC.. maybe a walk thru?
  • follow up on previous meetings (have everything been done or should something from previous meetings be added to this one?)
  • bind_meta update info
  • Need more info on this app: - need to at least define what the params are.
  • Need to confirm syntax for tts/cepstral - wiki seems to be different than "show application" in phrase macro docs, plus there's nothing in dptools page for "speak"
  • Additional developer docs? e.g. Matthew's suggestion for a list of functions to stay away from vs. functions mod writers probably will need to know and love

More suggested phrases

  • Hello (I overlooked this one because vm-hello.wav is really "Welcome to your voicemail")
  • Good morning
  • Good afternoon
  • Good evening
  • Good night
  • "and", "or", "not" (i.e. basic conjunctions)

Phrases for user directory app:

  • Please enter the first 3 digits of a/the person's last name.
  • No matches found
  • Multiple directory entries were found
  • Press 1 to to choose this entry
  • Press 2 for the next entry
  • No more user entries
  • Press * to start over
  • One match found
  • Transferring
  • Transferring to extension