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Short Pages


Some pages should just be redirected to other pages, do it with:

#REDIRECT [[pageName]]

Lonely/Orphaned Pages


This matters for those times when you search for something (like "xmlrpc") and land at the above page but have nowhere else to link to for more information



Documentation Standards

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CoreSession and Languages


Suggested New Prompts

     <prompt phrase="I'm sorry..." filename="ivr-Im_sorry"/>
     <prompt phrase="That was an invalid entry." filename="ivr-That_was_an_invalid_entry"/>
     <prompt phrase="Dude, you SUUUCK!!" filename="misc-Dude_you_SUCK"/>
     <prompt phrase="Pimp my switch!" filename="misc-Pimp_my_switch"/>
     <prompt phrase="For Asterisk emulation mode..." filename="misc-Asterisk_emulation_mode"/>
     <prompt phrase="Sales" filename="ivr-sales"/>
     <prompt phrase="Support" filename="ivr-support"/>
     <prompt phrase="Customer" filename="ivr-customer"/>
     <prompt phrase="Tech support" filename="ivr-tech_support"/>
     <prompt phrase="Accounts payable" filename="ivr-accounts_payable"/>
     <prompt phrase="To dial an extension, please press..." filname="ivr-To_dial_ext"/>
     <prompt phrase="If you know your party's extension, please enter it now" filname="ivr-Enter_ext"/>
     <prompt phrase="Idiot CEO" filename="misc-idiot_CEO"/>
     <prompt phrase="Please enter your..." filename="ivr-Please_enter_your"/>
     <prompt phrase="Checking account number" filename="ivr-Checking_account_number"/>
     <prompt phrase="ABA routing number" filename="ivr-ABA_routing_number"/>
     <prompt phrase="Credit card number" filename="ivr-Credit_card_number"/>
     <prompt phrase="The credit card verification number" filename="ivr-the_ccv_number"/>
     <prompt phrase=" a three-digit number located on the back of your card." filename="ivr-CCV_three_digit"/>
     <prompt phrase=" a four-digit number located on the front of your card." filename="ivr-CCV_four_digit"/>
     <prompt phrase="Please enter your extension number followed by the pound sign"/>
     <prompt phrase="Please say your name" filename="ivr-say_name"/>
     <prompt phrase="Thank you" filename="ivr-thank_you"/>
     <prompt phrase="Please wait while I connect your call" filename="ivr-wait_connect_call"/>
     <prompt phrase="There's a caller waiting who introduced themselves as..." filename="ivr-caller_waiting"/>
     <prompt phrase="Connect to the caller" filename="ivr-connect_to_caller"/>
     <prompt phrase="Send the caller to voicemail" filename="ivr-send_to_voicemail"/>
     <prompt phrase="" filename=""/>

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