Wiki meet 2008 04 30

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Bad Docs - Fix or Remove

Add a list of all bad docs here please.

Start here Special:Shortpages

Meeting agenda goes out mondays.

Getting started Guide and install guide need clarification.

Seems getting started and install guide are a bit confusing. Need to consolidate or clarify the documentation.

I've rearranged the Getting started guide a bit. //verifier

Orphaned Wiki Pages

Here is a list of pages that aren't linked Special:Lonelypages

Improve wiki Search

Verify apps, apis and variables are all documented.

Verify the syntax descriptions match the cli, Make sure all the session variables are documented.

Lua/Perl/js ivr 5000 examples (mcollins)

Sound files needed

Voicemail - verify sounds and functionality.

Verify prompts are correct and everything works correctly.

~take-a-number on #freeswitch IRC Channel

ChanServ - on join announcement

This has been added to ChanServ for #freeswitch on entry message.

Welcome to #freeswitch. If you need assistance please type ~take-a-number [insert your question here] or read or check out our issue tracker at, binaries and tarballs can be downloaded from, Please sit back and relax.

FreeSWITCH dev guild?

Default config tweaks needed

Document luarun, jsrun, perlrun

Have improved jsrun documentation, hope it's better.

Pending issues/bugs

Main Wiki Call Page