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Sets the GMT offset to be used on this call for tod based conditions.

NOTE: the variable must actually be set before the comparison, so either set it inline, transfer, or set it in the user directory.

You can set the offset Globally for Freeswitch in /conf/vars.xml by adding this line: <X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="set" data="tod_tz_offset=5"/> (of course replace the '5' with your GMT offset.

If you would like to specify the time offset in the dialplan add <action application="set" data="tod_tz_offset=5"/> to your dialplan. (again replace with the proper offset)

Finally you can set the variable for a particular extension in /conf/directory/default/'extension'.xml


<action application="set" data="tod_tz_offset=5"/>

Directory Usage:
<variable name="tod_tz_offset" value="+2"/>

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