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Sets the timezone for this particular call. Can be used, e.g., to set the timezone for a caller who is checking his/her voicemail. The value is expressed in Linux timezone format (ex. America/New_York -- see /usr/share/zoneinfo/ for the standard list of Linux timezones).

Note that this channel variable is only respected by the phrase layer -- ie, if you're using the 'say' application to announce times, this will work fine.

You can set the time zone Globally for Freeswitch in /conf/vars.xml by adding this line: <X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="set" data="timezone=America/Toronto"/> (of course replace the 'America/Toronto' with your own time zone.

If you would like to specify the time zone in the dialplan add <action application="set" data="timezone=America/Toronto"/> to your dialplan. (again replace with the proper timezone)

Finally you can specify a time zone for a particular extension in /conf/directory/default/'extension'.xml


<action application="set" data="timezone=GMT0"/>


<action application="set" data="timezone=America/New_York"/>

Directory Usage:

<param name="timezone" value="America/New_York"/>

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mod_say_enmod_say_en.c 10214