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sip_codec_negotiation is basically a channel variable equivalent of inbound-codec-negotiation.

sip_codec_negotiation accepts "generous", "scrooge" & "greedy" as values.

on Freeswitch versions before Feb 3 ( 74a0cfd1e101413a3941c41d04ee01d8df2ae418 ) sip_codec_negotiation will always be over-written by the value of sip-codec-negotiation ( in the sofia profile ).

sine this same revision the behaviour was change so that the channel variable will always over-ride the value set in the sip profile. This means you can change codec negotiation on a per call basis.


 <action application="set" data="sip_codec_negotiation=greedy"/>

See also: Sofia_Configuration_Files#inbound-codec-negotiation

Implemented By:

Module Name Source FileLast Revised
mod_sofiasofia_glue.c 11881