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For mod_sofia answer auth challenges without defining a full gateway. Used in tandem with sip_auth_password. Also indicates the SIP username a device successfully registered to FreeSWITCH with.


originate {sip_auth_username=<your_user_name>,sip_auth_password=<your_password>}sofia/external/1xxxxxxx@ &echo


This should contain the username of the authenticated user that has triggered this request, if applicable.

Depending on how your FreeSWITCH instance is configured, you may experience problems with this variable being incorrect or blank after calling the 'bridge' application. If this happens, you may want to force the channel variable, for example;

<action application="bridge" data="{sip_auth_username=${sip_auth_username}}sofia/gateway/external/2000"/>

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Module Name Source FileLast Revised
mod_sofiasofia_reg.c 12819