Variable signal bond

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UUID of the channel this channel is bridged/bonded to. Not present on a one-legged call.


Example needed! Please contribute one.

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Implemented By:

Module Name Source FileLast Revised
mod_dptoolsmod_dptools.c 7885
mod_loopbackmod_loopback.c 9646
mod_sofiamod_sofia.c 7103
mod_sofiasofia.c 11562
mod_sofiasofia_glue.c 8232
coreswitch_channel.c 7546
coreswitch_core_session.c 4944
coreswitch_ivr.c 7870
coreswitch_ivr_async.c 7075
coreswitch_ivr_bridge.c 9603
coreswitch_ivr_play_say.c 8065