Variable loopback bowout on execute

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Set to true to have one-legged loopback channels "bow out" of the call.


<action application="set" data="loopback_bowout_on_execute=true"/>

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 bowout_on_execute is only useful to 1 leg calls you never have to set it.
 loopback_bowout is true by default it tries to cut loopback out by doing uuid_bridge

Comment: When setting "loopback_bowout=false", a bridged loopback call result in 4 legs (a-leg, loopback-a, loopback-b, b-leg).

When setting "loopback_bowout=true", a bridged loopback call results in 2 legs (a-leg, b-leg).

During call setup with "loopback_bowout=true", there will always be 4 legs however at the beginning. loopback-a and loopback-b will be destroyed when a-leg and b-leg are successfully bridged

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