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Per-channel hold music. Supports all audio formats and audio streams. The hold_music variable can also be set globally at vars.xml.


<action application="set" data="hold_music=/sounds/holdmusic.wav" />

You can also set your hold_music to the special value "indicate_hold" instead of a music source and it will pass the hold req through but not the SDP.


<action application="set" data="hold_music=silence" />

For multi-tenant environment, if you want to have a separate MOH for the phone with hold button (like Polycom) that utilizes RE-INVITE with no media ip addr ( for hold, you can override the hold-music values in the sip profile parameter similar to the following example:

<action application="bridge_export" data="hold_music=$${sounds_dir}/music/company-a.mp3"/>

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Module Name Source FileLast Revised
mod_fifomod_fifo.c 8065
mod_sofiasofia_glue.c 5449
coreswitch_ivr.c 8232
coreswitch_ivr_play_say.c 8065