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This is useful when using the "," AND operator in the DATA field of a bridge. The AND operator notifies a list of destinations, bridging to the first destination that accepts the call. Typically if a destination in the list rejects the call, the bridge will continue to be attempted until either another destination accepts the call, or a timeout occurs.

This variable allows one to terminate the bridging attempt on a single rejection of the call. This means the bridge attempt would fail, and if continue_on_fail has not been set, the call is terminated. This variable would be set within a condition before a bridge application. When used in conjunction with the continue_on_fail variable, one can perform operations such as rolling over a rejected caller to an answering machine application.

The default setting is FALSE, meaning a single rejection will not terminate the bridging attempt.

It can also be set to a list of failure causes to stop on, and can be negated to a list of causes not to stop on (i.e. stop on all other failure causes).


<action application="set" data="fail_on_single_reject=true"/>
<action application="bridge" data="sofia/$${profile}/$${kitchen}%$${domain},sofia/$${profile}/$${dining}%$${domain}"/>
<action application="javascript" data="answermachine.js"/>


<action application="set" data="fail_on_single_reject=USER_BUSY"/>


<action application="set" data="fail_on_single_reject=!NORMAL_CIRCUIT_CONGESTION"/>

or to use a list,

<action application="set" data="fail_on_single_reject=^^:CALL_REJECTED:NORMAL_CLEARING:USER_BUSY"/>

or for negated list,

<action application="set" data="fail_on_single_reject=!^^:ALLOTTED_TIMEOUT:NETWORK_OUT_OF_ORDER"/>

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