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Undrhil. What more can you say about someone who is mysterious?

Well, I'll tell you, not much. I'm him and I don't even know what else to say.

I will say this: I've been playing around with Asterisk since the first O'Reilly book came out. I've watched the software grow and I've been very excited about the possibilities it provides. When I found out about A@H (aka Trixbox), I went to it immediately. Since Asterisk is also my first real run-in with Linux, having a pre-configured distribution with Asterisk configured and running on it already was a boon! I quickly grew tired of having to reformat my phone system anytime a new version of Trixbox was released. Then, I found out about PBX In A Flash.

PIAF is to Trixbox as Windows Vista is to Windows XP. Or, well, what Microsoft would tell you about Windows Vista. Anyway, PIAF just works. I like the fact that I will never have to install a new ISO on this machine: I just run the updates and go from there. It was through PIAF that I found out about FreeSwitch.

I'm hoping to get a FreeSwitch system up and running in the near future. I have a nice, powerful machine at home running Windows which will be my FreeSwitch test bed. Once I get it all up and running, I assume I'll be able to install FreeSwitch on a Linux box and move my configuration files over and have it up and running on Linux. We shall see...