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I am a PBX guy first and foremost. I am familiar with NEC PBXs and have used them for over a decade. I first heard of FS while I was researching some Asterisk issues. I have modest Asterisk experience but I dropped day to day Asterisk usage in favor of FS as soon as OpenZAP came out in 2007. I am all TDM at the moment but with bkw's help I've been learning lots about SIP, VoIP, and many related topics, not the least of which is how to set up and config a FS box.

My FreeSWITCH Goals

  • Become an OpenZAP expert
  • Keep up with wikifying everything
  • Build an outbound IVR system
  • Build a working PBX to replace my legacy PBX
  • Document my FS experiences
  • Write a FS article for a "real" magazine
  • Write a cool book like Introduction to FreeSWITCH


Michael S Collins
IRC: mercutioviz, MSC_