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I want to put some documentation about registering a GSM gateway in the documentation, but I have no idea how to start a new article.

Please install SyntaxHighlight wiki extension. This will make source code look much better. --Bender 13:30, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Free SWITCH Training Bootcamp

The FreeSWITCH Training Bootcamp is a full 3-day intensive training providing in-depth coverage of FreeSWITCH installation, configuration, maintenance and programming. You will learn, step by step, how to configure, manage and program the FreeSWITCH telephony soft switch in great detail. Tips and tricks in debugging and optimizing FreeSWITCH are also taught.

Scheduled training courses will take place around the world.


Oct 13th - 15th, 2010 New York, NY

These courses are official FreeSWITCH training courses. This course will be taught by Darren Schreiber, one of the co-authors of the new FreeSWITCH book.

Who should attend:

   * VoIP providers seeking “Open Source” platforms to enhance their businesses
   * Anyone seeking proficiency in FreeSWITCH
   * Network Consultants and VARs who need a jump start in the technology
   * Developers who want to use FreeSWITCH to create new telephony applications and appliances

Topics that will be covered in this course:

   * Install FreeSWITCH on a Linux Machine
   * Understanding configuration files and the default configuration
   * Call authentication and routing basics
   * Integration modules (mod_skypiax, mod_dingaling for Skype/GTalk/XMPP integration)
   * Understanding presence
   * Load balancing and high availability
   * FreeSWITCH Internals
   * How to debug and troubleshoot FreeSWITCH
   * Building Custom C Modules
   * Advanced Modules

This training course will be a mixture of lectures and hands-on lab exercises. By the end of the third day students will have completed a number of labs that allow for the successful installation and configuration of a working soft switch that will process calls from within the classroom and from outside numbers and make various routing decisions. If time allows and interest is present, students will also compile a basic custom C module that introduces new dialplan and API commands into the FreeSWITCH system.

As this is our first official training, we're happy to tailor the training to your specific interests where possible. Let us know if you want to learn something you don't see on the list.


Hotels in New York City usually run in the $200-300/night range, but you can easily get a room for $150/night in a 3.5 or 4-star hotel via We strongly suggest that you stay in a hotel located near the training center.

Location & Transportation

The training center is in beautiful downtown Manhatten in New York, NY. It is two blocks from the New York Stock Exchange and is easily accessible via public transportation.

Detailed transportation information can be found here.

Air Travel

If you are arriving by air, you can get to downtown Manhatten easily via the NYC Subway, Bus, Taxi or Super Shuttle. Class will end promptly at 5pm on Friday. We suggest traveling back home on Saturday or Sunday so you can explore the beautiful city during the weekend.


The event will be held regardless of number of registrations. There is a strict limit of 20 students in the classroom. There are no refunds unless the event is cancelled. Class hours are officially 9am-5pm EST each day, though we may try to start earlier and you can certainly ask questions after the class.

The class will be taught by one instructor and a T.A. will circulate the class to answer questions and ensure students are being helped at all times.

You can register at: