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Isn't it more accurate to say that transfer sets dialled_number to <exten> and jumps to the specified context? What is described here sounds more like the operation of execute_extension.

Sort of. I don't know the technical stuff inside but I do know the behavior of transfer. You are correct in that the behavior is essentially that destination number is set to the value specified in the data param. (Of course you can also specify context and dialplan type.) Example: <application="transfer" data="9999"/>

This sends the call to another extension in the current dialplan type (ie XML or Asterisk, etc.) and the current context. The 9999 needs to match a destination number of an extension. So if the above is executed in the defaul context of the XML dialplan then the call goes to the music on hold extension. In fact, this exactly what I used when building the sample IVR. Anyway, it would be good to discuss a number of examples on this page so that the reader gets a good feel for how exactly the transfer app works.

There is also the option to put keyword (eg. -bleg) to modify the meaning of transfer (where is this documented?)