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Should we be updating the feature grid table or this page? Keeping two pages with the same information is bound to lead to conflicts. Boteman 13:51, 23 June 2013 (UTC)

Yunzhang: Is there something I'm missing in the settings here? I have 2 57i phones, one with original firmware one with new firmware, and the new firmware will not connect properly behind a NAT with any port. I'm configuring the same way I have for all old firmware revisions, by setting the Register Server/Port and the Proxy Server/Port and the login info. I've tried with both the rport and stun server options, as well as setting the NAT IP manually. Every other phone behind the NAT works without any special config.

I would recommend your doing a factory reset for the new firmware, then start again, for phones behind NAT, I have found that the best option is using rport, and leaving everything else as default. There is no difference for the SIP settings between firmwares, except with 2.4.1 you can also designate your prefs of codecs, such as 1)G722 2)G711 Ulaw 3) G711 Alaw. if you still have any issues please contact me offlist by chris.chen2004 at gmail dot com. Thanks

las: I can help you in clarifying some matter on Avaya 9630 phones. This information applicable to all 9600 series phones with SIP firmware (9620,9620L,9620C,9630,9640,9650. I'm not sure about 9608 and 9670, these models differ from mainstream).

About 489 Bad event.

"489 Bad event" is a negative response from PBX on attempt to SUBSCRIBE to SIP Avaya services (SES) of Avaya Communication Manager (an "Event: avaya-cm-feature-status" ) from previous packet.

If PBX responds OK, this means that PBX is Avaya CM and SIP Enablement Services (Personal Profile Manager) are available, and 9600 phone works in unrestricted mode, i.e. such features like contact list, SBM24 extension panel support, feature buttons, 6-way conferencing, bridge line appearance, call park, call pickup, EC500 and so on are fully supported.

If PBX responds with "489 bad event", 9600 phone believes it works to 3rd party SIP registrar and limits its fuctionality to basic: making calls, simple transfers, 3-way conferencing (it's OK), no contact list :( , no feature buttons :(, no SBM24 extension support :(, no text CallerID support.

Correctly speaking, callerid may be digital or text (Latin-1 only) but not together, even if they are both present in SIP packet.

A complete description of functionality in survivable operation with 3rd party proxy (restricted mode) and "normal CM/SES" (unrestricted mode) is in Avaya one-X Deskphone SIP for 9600 Series IP Telephones Administration Guide Rel. 2.6 at pp.50-53.

9600 series works quite well with Asterisk-based PBX (with all limitations of third-party registrar), sorry I had never tried it with FreeSWITCH.