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One issue that I've hunted and pecked for several times (and I've hunted for 10 minutes this particular instance without finding it), is documentation on the features where freeswitch calls an external application via a network socket, that facilitates an IVR or other application.

I'm sure I've looked over it several times without realizing it. Perhaps a more prominent placement on the features page would help me.

Followup - I found the page for the feature I was looking for. The feature is "Event socket outbound". I found it by doing a search for 'socket'. Also, I would recommend placing a search page on the home page - in the past I've spent a few seconds trying to find one before realizing there wasn't one.

Information - FYI, there is a search box on the main page. If you are logged into the wiki then it appears right below the navigation pane. If you are not logged in then you'll have to scroll down below the ads. (Sorry, I haven't been able to figure out how to move the search box up above the ads without breaking the way the page looks...)