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To make life easier for the developers, please gather this information prior to posting questions to the mailing list or submitting bug reports to jira.


  • Git revision number (or binary file)
  • Operating System and revision (CentOS 5.2, OSX 10.5, Windows XP SP3, etc.)
  • Hardware information (32 or 64 bit processor, RAM, etc.)
    • On Linux, do these commands and capture the output
cat /proc/cpuinfo
uname -a 
  • Did you install the default configuration files? Y/N
  • Have you made any modifications or additions to the default config? Y/N
    • If yes, please post copies of any changes made
  • Can the issue be reproduced? Y/N
    • If not, why? Is it intermittent?
    • If yes, please be prepared to help us reproduce it

Attach Files

  • Don't attach .rar or zip Files


  • Are you experiencing a segfault? Y/N
    • Can it consistently be reproduced? Y/N
    • Supply a backtrace (bt and bt full)
  • Are you using a script? Y/N
    • What language? Lua/Perl/JavaScript/Python/.Net/C/C++/Java
    • Post a copy of the script
  • Are you using the event socket? Y/N

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