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While FreeSWITCH works hard to maintain backwards-compatibility, there may occasionally be behaviour changes which you should be aware of.

When possible changes are noted with the first stable release known to be affected, and the date of the commit which introduces the change for those following Git.

Whenever upgrading FreeSWITCH it is suggested you have a glance at this page.


This page is maintained by the community. Not all such changes may be noted here, or immediately.

If you find any issues that are not covered, please do contribute to this page.

Release Notes

Stable v1.2.2 (Git 28th August 2012)


Prior to f1d201f03b806af8cecf98c7a5d2a24c13771019 / 28 Aug 2012 23:05:59 Z - using sofia_contact would allow passing in just the user, e.g. "sofia_contact 1000" (this isn't the exact date)

Now, it requires a profile and user, e.g. "sofia_contact internal/1000" (or "sofia_contact */1000")

If you bridge to "user/" it uses sofia_contact under the hood, configurable here:

In directory/default.xml:
<param name="dial-string" value="{^^:sip_invite_domain=${dialed_domain}:presence_id=${dialed_user}@${dialed_domain}}${sofia_contact(*/${dialed_user}@${dialed_domain})}"/>

If you have an old config file before this patch was made, you likely don't have the "*/"

Stable v1.2.4


The ODBC DSN syntax has been modified in this version when adding the native PgSQL support.

If your DSN appears as datasource:username:password then it will be interpreted as ODBC correctly, however if your DSN is datasource (without username/password) then FS will not know that it is a ODBC DSN.

The simple fix is to prefix all ODBC DSNs with odbc://

Note this change also affects SQLite DSNs which were previously core:filename, this has been changed to sqlite://filename.

New DSN syntax:

 ODBC (deprecated): datasourcename::                  (deprecated)
                    datasourcename:username:          (deprecated)
                    datasourcename:username:password  (deprecated)
 ODBC:              odbc://datasourcename:username:password
 PostGreSQL:        pgsql://hostaddr= dbname=freeswitch user=freeswitch password= options='-c client_min_messages=NOTICE'
                    (the stuff after pgsql:// is a standard libpq connect string)
 SQLite:            sqlite:///path/to/filename (note 3rd slash for absolute filenames)

LUA freeswitch.Dbh()

The above DSN syntax changes also affect freeswitch.Dbh() - either specify the DB type prefix in the first argument, or supply username + password.

Stable v1.2.6 (Git 31 January 2013)

mod_nibblebill DSN config

mod_nibblebill was updated to use the new DSN syntax. This change also renames the DSN parameter from db_dsn to odbc-dsn. You will need to update your nibblebill.conf.xml to use the new name and the new dsn syntax. For example:

<param name="odbc_dsn" value="odbc://datasourcename:username:password"/>

db_dsn was re-added for backwards compatibility ono 22 March 2013, but should be considered deprecated. Use odbc-dsn for new installations.

Stable v1.2.9 (Git 3rd April 2013)

rtp_secure_media (was sip_secure_media)

sip_secure_media has been renamed to rtp_secure_media, since that better reflects its usage.