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Authorization: Directory lookup for sip registrations(hash only, no passwords) Dialplan app for authorization

Accounting: Per leg accounting regular expression based limiting for accounting on nearly any channel variable

Misc: Ability to specify channel variable, plus alternate channel variable to use for field values


Can you add [random feature] to mod_xml_radius?
There are four good ways to have the feature added: Add the feature request to the list below, catch me on IRC(quentusrex or quentusrex_), contact or send me a patch.

Example freeradius config

Radius users entry ( cleartext password or HA1 hash required for digest authentication )

bob Cleartext-Password := "zanzibar", Realm == ""
        Reply-Message = "Welcome to FreeSWITCH!",
        Freeswitch-AVPair = "alias=315",
        Freeswitch-AVPair += "international=yes",
        Freeswitch-AVPair += "natuser=no",
        Freeswitch-AVPair += "vm_pass=1234"