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mod_esl provide function to communicate with a remote FreeSwitch. Currently implement to execute API remotely.


In a multi server setup. It might be interesting to query a remote FreeSwitch to gather informations. This module will include different capability to do just that.

single_esl API

This api do a passtruth of an API request to a remote server and return the result.

single_esl [<user>]|<password> <host>[:<port>] <timeout> <remote api> <arguments>


To make things simpler for day to day use, you can use feature from mod_abstraction. Here an example:

<api name="remote_user_password" syntax="<id>@<domain>" parse="(.*)" destination="single_esl" argument="|ClueCon 5000 user_data $1 var effective_caller_id_name"/>

Now you only need to call remote_user_password(1000@default) to get information from the remote FreeSwitch.