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Just completed a 100 hour long term test here are the results.


Test parameters

Run FreeSWITCH with no console.

50 calls max per second

1000 simultaneous call limit

100 hours run time

Each call playing a audio file for 30 seconds.

Test Hardware


Test Results

11565767 Total Calls created

11564276 completed calls

1411 Failed Calls

99.9877% success rate

80 channels that never finished (waited 10 minutes before declaring)

100 hours run time

FreeSWITCH shutdown completely and cleanly.


Could someone please provide info on:

  1. Which was the command to generate this load (e.g. api originate sofia/default/12345@sippserver &playback(30seconds.wav)
  2. Which load runner was used to generate this call.
  3. Which fs interface was used to generate this (e.g. mod_xml_rpc, dialplan, event socket)