Languages for Call Control

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There are a few languages that are embedded into FreeSWITCH™ which you may use to control calls.

This will need a revamp as the goal is to make one documentation set for the objects with individual language specific references for each object. The session object for example is intended to be the same whether its Javascript, Python, or Perl that is accessing it.

The following modules have been moved to the unmaintained category, although there are plans to utilize the new Python SWIG wrappers to facilitate embedding them into FreeSWITCH™

API Reference

There are several objects that are available across all embedded languages.

  • Session - The session object for a specific channel.
  • DB - Objects for talking with SQLite DB.
  • ODBC - Talking with databases through ODBC.
  • Teletone - This lets you play tones to callers.
  • Misc Javascript functions - Misc functions that are available in FreeSWITCH JavaScript.
  • CURL - Functions if you have cURL compiled in.
  • FileIO - File IO methods (FreeSWITCH created).
  • Phrase API - Using Phrase API from JavaScript.