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The FreeSWITCH project has experienced considerable growth recently. The FreeSWITCH developers appreciate all the help received from the community. In many cases, people ask how they can help. One way to help is to assist with so-called "janitor projects." These are FreeSWITCH sub-projects that can help improve the quality of the FreeSWITCH project and ecosystem. While the core developers could work on these projects directly, we feel the FreeSWITCH community is best served by having knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers handle these sub-projects under the direction and guidance of the core development team.

What You Can Do To Help

There are two key things that you can do to help: volunteer to work on a janitor project and/or offer suggestions on projects that need attention. If you would like to help, please contact Michael Collins at msc@freeswitch.org.


There is a janitor project on JIRA: http://jira.freeswitch.org/browse/JANITOR
Please submit all patches for janitor projects as attachments to JIRA tickets.


There are numerous projects that require attention. This list will continue to change as some projects are completed and others are identified. Please contact Michael Collins (msc@freeswitch.org) if you have suggestions for projects.

User Documentation


We could use assistance with WikiMedia, which runs our wiki page. If you have WikiMedia experience, especially with handling multi-language sites, please contact us.

Channel Variables

The Channel_Variables page on the wiki is lacking. We need someone to comb the source code and identify all of the channel variables, put them on the wiki page, and then add definitions and examples. The first step would be getting all the channel variables identified. Second step is to organized them. Ideally they should be listed alphabetically on the page, and each channel variable should have a "see also" with links to related variables. We would also like to have more links to specific channel variables from other wiki pages. For example, the mod_fifo page should have a section that links to fifo-related channel variables.

FS API Documentation

We need someone to review mod_commands and make sure that all API commands are listed on the wiki. Ideally we would like to see each command have a note specifying which module exposes the API. (mod_commands does most of them, but there are others, like "oz" stuff from mod_openzap.)

Documentation Translation

We are increasingly needing documentation in other languages. If you are fluent in any of these languages and are willing to help with document translation (or creation) please let us know:

  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portugese
  • Spanish

Developer Documentation

Expand Doxygen Content

The Doxygen comments in the source code can always be expanded.

Introduction to Module Authoring

The developer documentation for authoring modules is sparse and scattered. We could use both more organization and more content, preferably more organized first.