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Intercom (Paging)

Intercom a.k.a. paging will call a phone and automatically place the call on speaker phone.

The default dialplan that is packaged with FreeSWITCH accepts: 8[extension number]

If the extension number you want to call is 1001 then you would dial 81001 to call using Intercom.

This is known to work on several phones. Confirmed working with:

  • Cisco 7960
  • Cisco SPA303
  • Cisco SPA504G
  • Cisco SPA515G
  • Linksys SPA962
  • Linksys SPA942
  • Linksys SPA941
  • Linksys SPA922
  • Snom 320, 370 v7
  • Polycom 601 v1.6.7.0098
  • Polycom IP320
  • Polycom IP430
  • Polycom IP501
  • Polycom VVX series
  • Aastra 9133i
  • Aastra 9143i (33i)
  • Aastra 55i
  • Aastra 57ict


A Polycom VVX series phone requires 2 lines to be added to its configuration in order to recognize the sip_auto_answer command:

voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.value="Ring Answer"

See also: Conferencing and Intercom