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Calling Instructions

Wednesday September 7th, 2011 at 1700 UTC (1200 CDT / 1pm EDT)
sip:888@conference.freeswitch.org or via the good old PSTN at +1-919-386-9900
Australia: +61 7 3188 7519 (Thanks to Jay Binks - NetSIP.com.au
Or click on this link
Or call Skype the skype user "skypiax5", you'll be automatically connected (max 20 concurrent users).
Codecs: PCMU/PCMA, G.722, CELT, Speex, Skype, among others
Press 0 to mute/unmute your self. Press * to deaf/undeaf.

  • What are the Beeps in the conference? One Beep - someone has joined, two beeps - someone has left.


Please add agenda items as needed. If you have a question you'd like to ask then edit the Items Needing Discussion section below. Be sure to put your name/nick on your question.

News, Notes, & Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

  • Thanks to djbinter for adding docs on cdr_csv rotate and dialplan arrays.
  • MSC has been working on the ChangeLog again (finally!)
  • New FreeSWITCH features
    • auto populate global origination_caller_id_name/number from effective_caller_id_name/number in enterprise originate (r:f8c029a1)
    • execute_on_fax_success, execute_on_fax_failure and execute_on_fax_result channel variables to trigger an app or lua script when a fax result is received (r:79e9f19c)
    • add --enable-timerfd-wrapper to wrap timefd syscalls for platforms with the right kernel and wrong libc (r:306b332d)
    • mod_voicemail: Add 2 new profile settings, db-password-override and allow-empty-password-auth. By default, they have value of their previous behavior. If db-password-override=true, the db password will only be used if present, if not present fallback to the xml config file vm-password. If allow-empty-password-auth=false, it will disable login via a authentication method if there is no password set in the user account (This wont affect voicemail_authorize=true login). (r:a9db642a)
    • new show option: show detailed_calls: add new detailed_calls view a version of the channels table that shows only one legged calls or bridged calls (r:beecd937)
    • add NDLB-allow-nondup-sdp to indicate you want to parse a differnt sdp in 200 ok from 1xx (previous default) this is a RFC violation so I decided not to support it by default anymore. Enable this if you want that broken behaviour (r:3f489a2a)
    • sdp_m_per_ptime is now implied to be true, if you don't like this set it to false but its going to be undefined behaviour. This basically means if you call in with ptime 30 then you have a bunch of ptime 20 codecs in your outbound list that there will be one m= line with 30 and the original inbound codec and more m= lines for each discinct ptime in your list. This is, of course, will depend on disable_trancoding or absolute_codec_string as well (r:56d67ead)
    • update show calls to show both 1 legged calls and bridged calls, also show bridged_calls for previous behaviour of show calls (r:c16c74d9)
    • add message_len to output of vm_list api command (r:77c5000d)
    • make valet parking reserve a space for 10 seconds to allow time for an attended transfer switcharoo (r:308f44af)
    • mod_shout: add ability to set bitrate, samplerate, and encoder quality in config file (r:8ea3cbd5/FS-1231)
    • add max_sessions to heartbeat event (r:9c8437a1/FS-3415)
    • add emulation for asterisk DIALSTATUS magic var (r:9d98d49f) <== done during ClueCon! see ML thread

Featured Presentation

  • OPEN

Upcoming Presentations

  • 2011-09-14: DRK - NuGet how-to presentation. See nuget.org

  • All Upcoming Dates Open - Please let me (MSC) or NormT know if you have a topic or idea.
  • Eliot Gable's HA stuff (no date yet)
  • Polycom (still working on a date)

Questions For Developers

  • Add more questions

Janitorial Items

  • Still need Drupal/PHP helper or even someone w/ HTML/JS/CSS skill

Items Needing Documentation

  • Add your items here

Stuff started but needs some community input

  • Add your items here

Suggestions For Future Meetings & Future To Dos

  • Math: Sofia internals
  • Eliot Gable: mod_ha_cluster
    • What is mod_ha_cluster?
      • In short: N+X (N Masters + X slaves) HA replacement for "Pacemaker + Corosync managed FS"
    • What is planned for mod_ha_cluster?
      • In short: manage interfaces, IPs, firewall rules, master/slave status; eventually, share registrations and call states without shared DB and do 'sofia recover' on failover
    • When will it be available?
      • In short: Master/slave, interface, IPs, and firewall management within the next couple of months (if I have the amount of time available that I expect to have)
    • For additional details, or if you would like to beta test, be on the call
  • Jeff Lenk: developing for FS in Windows environment

Presenters Needed For These Topics

  • SIP 101 (beginning SIP, how does it work, how to look at different SIP packets)
  • mod_shout/shoutcast, esp with one-way conferences for scalability
  • Codec negotiation - early vs. late, why you need it, how to do it
  • T.38 - what it is, how to use it, etc.
  • Multi-tenancy (bounties welcome)
  • Steve Underwood - SpanDSP, T.38, etc. with FreeSWITCH
  • mod_fifo vs. mod_callcenter - why use one or the other? Strengths and weaknesses of each
  • embedding FS in other applications (libfreeswitch)
  • IPv6 - what it is, how to use, differences with IPv4, how to configure FS

Need SIP Trunking or DIDs?

If you are looking for SIP Trunking, Origination or Termination please visit www.VoiceNetwork.ca

  • Unlimited Incoming DIDs from $3.95
  • Per Minute DIDs from $0.99 @ 0.01 per minute
  • Outbound Canadian Termination from $0.005 and USA from $ 0.0125
  • Free iNum's for each account

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