FS weekly 2010 04 28

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Calling Instructions

UPDATE: New meeting time Wednesday April 28 at 1800 UTC (1200 CST)
sip:888@conference.freeswitch.org or via the good old PSTN at +1-919-386-9900
Or click on this link
Or call Skype the skype user "skypiax5", you'll be automatically connected (max 20 concurrent users).
Codecs: PCMU/PCMA, G.722, CELT, Speex, Skype, among others
Press 0 to mute/unmute your self. Press * to deaf/undeaf.


Please add agenda items as needed. If you have a question you'd like to ask then edit the Items Needing Discussion section below. Be sure to put your name/nick on your question.

News, Notes, & Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

  • Vestec FreeSWITCH Connector (I've downloaded it, have not tested it yet)
  • First BAFSUG meetup was a success!
  • I spoke with Alberto (aep) from freedomfone.org, he will give us a presentation next month

Items Needing Documentation

  • Add your items here

Janitorial Items

  • Chan vars - let's crowdsource the descriptions of these vars

Items Needing Discussion

  • FSComm contest - make it look nice!
  • See if we can con rupa into discussing mod_cidlookup. ;)
  • New meeting time: noon Central
  • Handy tip:
    • fsctl hupall matching var <var_name> <var_value>
  • cdr comparison
  • bgapi and schedapi
  • ip authentication
    • passless calls

Upcoming Events

  • Stay tuned

Suggestions For Future Meetings & Future To Dos

  • In future rupa will discuss these modules:
    • mod_memcache
    • mod_cidlookup
  • In the future Darren Schreiber will discuss:
    • mod_nibblebill
  • Add any items here if you have them.

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