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Mod xml_cdr and xml_url : Extend mod_xml_curl to have an 'exec' protocol instead of http or https.

Example exec:/some/dir/file.php or anything else executable. It will pass the data via STDIN and expect the program to output STDOUT xml, which it will then process.

  • $200 - - 514.312.7030 -- Contact: Frank Cases <>

Completed by trixter awaiting confirmation Paid as agreed

Add Zaptel Hardware Transcoding Support (G.729a , G.723.1)

  • $500 to add g729/g723 transcoding support via zaptel driver for TC400B (wctc4xxp). Contact Cristian Talle.

Card info available here

Completed by moy, module name is mod_dahdi_codec Paid as agreed.

Support for RFC 3327 - Path support

Completed by anthm. Paid as agreed.

Support for "redirect server" functionality

  • $250 to implement SIP 300 Multiple Choices while modifying mod_dptools/redirect to support sending multiple Contacts in an RFC-compliant manner.

Completed by anthm (same day). Paid as agreed.

Generate and be notified of SIP INFO messages

Completed by anthm on April 28.

Posted: April 15th, 2009

Bounty: $750; extra $500 ($1250 total) if completed before May 4th, 2009.

Bounty valid until: May 17th, 2009

Respond to: Bill Belanger -


2 Features required:

1: Receive an event when a SIP INFO message is received

  • Register for an event using event_socket's event command
  • Receive as an event through event_socket the headers and data contained in the INFO message
  • Optional - Supply a way to respond to received SIP INFOs with a 200-OK

2: Create and send a SIP INFO message using event_socket

  • Specify a framework to generate and send SIP INFO messages for an established call
  • This framework must be able to accept custom headers, as well as data for the SIP INFO message
  • Although not required, it is expected that this framework would be usable through event_socket's sendmsg command
  • It is required that whatever framework is used, it is accessible through event_socket

If you decide to work on these features, please send a notification to Bill Belanger with an expected completion date.

Provide a way to pass npdi, rn in tel URI when using SIP gateways

(1) Resolve jira FS-5118. Make it possible to pass ;npdi or ;npdi= and ;rn= parameters when using gateways.
(2) Make sure these parameters don't get into the To: header of SIP invite
(3) Document usage
See Amount: $300. If it's considerably more work please discuss it with me

Compeleted by Anthony M
Payment sent

mod for using new Javascript V8 Engine

  • This is completed as of commit b762332 to git master, bounty paid in full

Anthony said it would be far easier to use the same syntax/cpp wrapper as Lua, rather than trying to make it match spidermonkey.

The performance would be at least better than mod_spidermonkey but I don't know any more specifics. V8 is supposed to be incredibly fast.

On 2012-05-22 he said $10,000 or more could get it created.

<@anthm>: AviMarcus, it would be above 10k probably
<@anthm>: that's a huge job
<@anthm>: i've examined that one before
<AviMarcus:> anthm, can you even estimate if it would give the same performance as lua?
<@anthm>: depending on what you did it would be in the neighborhood
<@anthm>: js is more complicated so there is more you can do wrong
<@anthm>: you can probably play with spidermonkey and assume its much better than that
<@anthm>: but it would be HUGE to try to emulate mod_spidermonkey exactly, the only hope would be to try to get it more like mod_lua so it could use the standard cpp wrapper
<@anthm>: it would be cool, maybe even fun but also hard as hell

If you're willing to chip in, please note it here:

  • $200 Avi Marcus -- avi at bestfone (2012-05-23) paid to Peter Olsson via Paypal on 2014-01-23
  • $200 Mark J Crane -- fusionpbx (2012-05-23) paid to Peter Olsson via paypal on 2014-01-15