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AudioCodes 320HD IP phone

Audiocodes 320HD.jpg


This is a 4 lines phone with 12 BLF keys (dual color) with a backlitted display. There are 4 soft keys at the screen's bottom which cannot be programmed by the user at present. The phone has the basic functionality of in/out calls, hold, transfer and 3-way conference. It has local user's directory.

It has 12 speed dial/BLF buttons which can be programmed from the configuration files or the WEB interface. See a note at the BLF section.

It has support for Hebrew fionts (in the CallerID name). Full Hebrew support is on the roadmap.

At present, the phone is suited as a basic phone with a more detailed screen. Once the BLF/SLA is fixed it can be a candidate for a manager/secretary scenario. The phone price is around $100.

Soft keys

Soft keys ala Polycom or XML screen ala SNOM are not available. A request has been submitted to Audiocodes to add this functionality.


The phone can be managed either via a configuration file or WEB interface. The configuration file is a simple text file in the format field=value. See examples in Audiocodes_IP_phone_config_files


The BLF has been designed toward Asterisk, but it has a "freeswitch" mode. In this mode the key is green while the monitored extension is free, and red when it is ringing or in use. Since it is presence oriented rather than dialog oriented, Freeswitch sends the original phone number at the "ringing" notification, rather than **phone-number as it does with Polycoms/SNOM; Hence, picking the call is impossible.

A request has been made to allow blinking red when ringing, and allow a config parameter to send some prefix before the number at this stage. Audiocodes' already has a test version for it which will be integrated into the next version release.

Existing problems

  • BLF: See the explanation above.
  • TLS: See instructions in general configuration files.
  • SLA: Not implemented yet. Will be implemented using BroadSoft way toward Q4/2012.
  • LDAP: On the way.

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