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Audiocodes 310HD IP phone

Audiocodes 310HD.jpg


This is a basic one line phone. It has a large low resolution screen, which has the benefit of large and easily readable fonts. The users quite love the screen. The phone has the basic functionality of in/out calls, hold, transfer and 3-way conference. It has local user's directory.

It has 10 speed dial buttons which can be programmed from the configuration files or the WEB interface. There is no BLF finctionality as the speed dials has no lights.

This is a basic and comfortable phone for the simple user, at a reasonable price (around $80).


The phone can be managed either via a configuration file or WEB interface. The configuration file is a simple text file in the format field=value. See examples in Audiocodes_IP_phone_config_files

Existing problems

  • TLS: See instructions in general configuration files.
  • SLA: Not implemented yet. Will be implemented using BroadSoft way toward Q4/2012.
  • LDAP: On the way.

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