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Contains the start time (in microseconds) of when the call profile was created.


In the event that a call is transferred, this is the effective 'created_time' for that transfer.

For example, if you did the following call flow:

2000 > 2001 (created_time=1357138714 / profile_created_time=1357138714)
transfer to 2002 (created_time=1357138714 / profile_created_time=1357138752)
transfer to 2003 (created_time=1357138714 / profile_created_time=1357138766)
transfer to 2004 (created_time=1357138714 / profile_created_time=1357138784)

You would still use 'progress_time' to retrieve the progress start time, no matter if it's a transfer leg or not.

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Logic taken from here:

  caller_profile->times->profile_created = switch_micro_time_now();