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A softphone is a computer based sip client. There are many softphones out there this is just a partial list along with how to add an account to interact with a default freeswitch server. Remember you can use the default username of 1001 and default password 1234 with freeswitch server out of the box.

Softphones based on Embedded FreeSWITCH:

  • FSComm - A crossplatform open source softphone that uses c++ and QT and is meant to be an entire communicator rather than just a sip client.
  • FSClient - An open source softphone written for windows in WPF / .NET 4.0 / C#

Other Softphones

  • X-Lite - Free softphone from counterpath

Softphone List


  • Click on File Menu then choose preferences
  • Click Accounts
  • Click Add
  • Fill in account details
  • Click Ok twice, and it should be registered
  • Make a call



  • Right click in the accounts pane in the main window
  • Click Add Account
  • Fill in account details
  • Click Save
  • Check the box in the accounts pane next to the account to enable it
  • Make a call