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Setup of the Snom 370 is really easy in FreeSWITCH.

  1. Connect to your snom 370 device via your favorite web browser. http://<your snom ip address>
    • You may have press the "help" button on the phone to figure out what your phone's ip address is.
  2. Next click on the "Identity1". You may be forced to login with the administrator password. The default password for snom 370 phones is "0000". That is 4 zeros.
    • For a default hello world you can simply use the extension 1000 account with a password of 1234. The registrar is the ip address of your FreeSWITCH server.

Change the account to "1000", password to "1234" and registrar to your FreeSWITCH ip address

  • As of firmware version 7.1.30 you will need to toggle the RTP encryption to an off state.

Toggle off the SRTP settings

That is it! In order to test you can try calling a default extension of "9196" which should create an "echo".