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In FreeSWITCH, there are many ways to use Perl, not all of which require the mod_perl module or the CPAN Perl modules. You can use Perl in the following ways with FreeSWITCH:

  • Executing Perl scripts via curl etc to return XML configuration (only requires the curl module)
  • Sockets control / event socket interaction (send and receive events, execute commands, and IVR over socket interaction) through Perl ESL (does not require mod_perl only the Perl ESL module).
  • Application action / Standard execution to carry out a dialplan (requires mod_perl)
  • Native XML generation (requires mod_perl)

If you want/need the advanced control that mod_perl provides please see the mod_perl page for the full documentation on it.



There is no one way to install Perl support, as outlined above you can use Perl many different ways each having different requirements. See the mod_perl page for building mod_perl.

Execution of a script

You can run scripts directly from the console with:

perlrun /path/to/your/

If you want to just run a perl script(or any normal application) from a dialplan by:

<action application="system" data="/path/to/"/>

Example Scripts

See Also