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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Freeswitch XML-RPC|Examples of calling mod_xml RPC from various languages]]
* [[Freeswitch XML-RPC|Examples of calling mod_xml RPC from various languages]]
==Search Keywords==
xmlrpc modxmlrpc

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Api command documentation can be found in the mod_commands section.

To use, you must enable this module within the conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml file and restart the switch. You can configure the module (http port, domain, login/password) within the conf/autoload_configs/xml_rpc.conf.xml file.


mod_xml_rpc allows you to use the webapi - firing any api from the web browser just as you would from the FS console!
The basic syntax would be

http: //<freeswitch-hostname-or-IP>:8080/webapi/<api command>
For example: http: //


  • HTTP only, no HTTPS
  • port 8080
  • Typical HTTP authentication - username, password (default is freeswitch/works)

Generally, the web root is {prefix}/freeswitch/htdocs.
Other HTML/JavaScript/etc. files in htdocs will get served up as requested.
When using an API command that has more than one word, use a question mark to separate the first and second words, then a space for the rest. Example:

See also

Search Keywords

xmlrpc modxmlrpc