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Provides a number of dialplan applications including...




  • answer - Answer the call for a channel.
  • att_xfer - Attended Transfer.


  • bind_digit_action - Bind a key sequence or regex to an action.
  • bind_meta_app - Respond to certain DTMF sequences on specified call leg(s) during a bridge and execute another dialplan application.
  • block_dtmf - Block DTMFs from being sent or received on the channel.
  • break - Cancel an application currently running on the channel.
  • bridge - Bridge a new channel to the existing one.
  • bridge_export - Like export but exports across when one channel bridges another


  • capture - Capture data into a channel variable.
  • check_acl - Check an ip against an ACL list.
  • clear_digit_action - Clear all digit bindings
  • clear_speech_cache - Clear speech handle cache.
  • cluechoo - Console-only "ConCon" choo-choo traing
  • cng_plc - To perform plc on any lost packets and execute on originate. It is like execute on answer etc but only for outbound calls during originate.
  • conference - Establish a multi-party conference.
  • conference_set_auto_outcall - Dial string to have the conference call when started, can be used multiple times before the conference action to call multiple parties.




  • fax_detect - Detect FAX CNG - may be deprecated.
  • fifo - Send caller to a FIFO queue.
  • fifo_track_call - Count a call as a FIFO call in the manual_calls queue.
  • flush_dtmf - Flush any queued DTMF.


  • gentones - Generate TGML tones.
  • group - Insert or delete members in a group.


  • hangup - Hang up the current channel.
  • hash - Add a hash to the db.
  • hold - Send a hold message.
  • httapi - Send call control to a Web server with the HTTAPI infrastructure


  • info - Display Call Info.
  • intercept - Lets you pickup a call and take it over if you know the uuid.
  • ivr - Run an IVR menu.


  • javascript - Run a JavaScript script from the dialplan
  • jitterbuffer - Send a jitter buffer message to a session


  • limit - Set a limit on number of calls to/from a resource
  • limit_execute - Set the limit on a specific application
  • limit_hash - Set a limit on number of calls to/from a resource
  • limit_hash_execute - Set the limit on a specific application
  • log - Logs a channel variable for the channel calling the application.
  • lua - Run a Lua script from the dialplan


  • media_reset - Reset all bypass/proxy media flags.
  • mkdir - Create a directory.
  • multiset - Set multiple channel variables with a single action.
  • mutex - Block on a call flow, allowing only one at a time



  • queue_dtmf - Send DTMF digits after a successful bridge.


  • read - Read Digits.
  • record - Record a file from the channels input.
  • record_fsv - Record a FSV file. FSV - (FS Video File Format) additional description needed
  • record_session - Record Session.
  • recovery_refresh - Send a recovery refresh.
  • redirect - Send a redirect message to a session.
  • regex - Perform a regex.
  • remove_bugs - Remove media bugs.
  • rename - Rename file.
  • respond - Send a respond message to a session.
  • ring_ready - Indicate Ring_Ready on a channel.
  • rxfax - Receive a fax as a tif file.



  • three_way - Three way call with a UUID.
  • tone_detect - Detect the presence of a tone and execute a command if found.
  • transfer - Immediately transfer the calling channel to a new extension.
  • translate - Number translation.




  • wait_for_silence - Pause processing while waiting for silence on the channel.
  • wait_for_answer - Pause processing while waiting for the call to be answered.


  • chat - Send a text message to a IM client.
  • presence - Send Presence.
  • strepoch - Returns the date/time as a UNIX epoch (seconds elapsed since midnight UTC, January 1, 1970).
  • strftime - Returns formatted date and time.
  • strftime_tz - Returns formatted date and time in the timezone specified.