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You can use start_dtmf in a dialplan to enable in-band DTMF detection (i.e. the detection of DTMF tones on a channel). You should do this when you want to be able to identify DTMF tones on a channel that doesn't otherwise support another signaling method (like RFC2833 or INFO).



   <extension name="ivr_demo">
     <condition field="destination_number" expression="5000">
       <action application="answer"/>
       <action application="start_dtmf" />
       <action application="ivr" data="demo_ivr"/>

The start_dtmf line listed above starts the start_dtmf application on this channel to allow for DTMF detection.

WARNING: Do not use the start_dtmf application and the start_dtmf_generate application together. If both are running at the same time you will cause a feedback loop to occur within FreeSWITCH itself, such that a DTMF tone from a caller will result in repetitive DTMF tones being identified by FreeSWITCH.

WARNING: If using in conjunction with ring_ready, make sure that ring_ready is called first or else it may not work.

This application uses Media BUG

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