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Schedule future broadcast.


application="sched_broadcast" data="[+]

As of commit 116ebc0 the following syntax is also valid:


application="sched_broadcast" data="[[+]<time>|@time] <uuid> <path> [aleg|bleg|both]"

Where @time is the number of seconds to repeat the broadcast

Avi Marcus NOTE: bleg might mean "other leg" even if the leg this is set on (e.g. via an export) really IS the bleg.

NOTE: When a scheduled broadcast is executed, the session variable "last_sched_id" is set to the taskid of the broadcast.


<action application="sched_broadcast" data="+3600 /tmp/howdy.wav both"/>

This one with "playback" may help if the above does not work.

<action application="sched_broadcast" data="+3600 playback::/tmp/howdy.wav both"/>

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