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Can redirect a channel to another endpoint, you must take care to not redirect incompatible channels, as that wont have the desired effect. Ie if you redirect to a SIP url it should be a SIP channel. By providing a single SIP URI FreeSWITCH will issue a 302 "Moved Temporarily":



 <action application="redirect" data="sip:foo@bar.com "/>

By providing multiple SIP URIs separated by a comma FreeSWITCH will send a 300 "Multiple Choices" (as of commit e15abcf9aaf6742765debb7ccb101965f5eae51b):


 <action application="redirect" data="sip:foo@bar.com,sip:foo@end.com"/>

The 300 sent by FreeSWITCH will have multiple Contact: headers with each value.


redirect can only be used on new incoming calls that haven't been answered (Answer app). If the call has been answered, use the Deflect application instead.

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