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record,Record File,<path> [<time_limit_secs>] [<silence_thresh>] [<silence_hits>]

Dialplan Example:

<action application="playback" data="/var/sounds/beep.gsm"/>
<!--default terminator is *. Keyword 'none' disables on-key termination /-->
<!--following line will set # as recording session terminator /-->
<action application="set" data="playback_terminators=#"/> 
<action application="record" data="/tmp/data.wav 20 200"/>

Record is used for recording messages, like in a voicemail system. This application will record a file to <path>

  • <time_limit_secs> (optional) is the maximum duration of the recording in seconds.
  • <silence_thresh> (optional) is the energy level below which is considered silence.
  • <silence_hits> (optional) is how many seconds of audio below silence_thresh will be tolerated before the recording stops. When omitted, the default value is 3.

Record might set the following variables in the dialplan:

  • record_seconds
  • record_ms
  • record_samples
  • playback_terminator_used

Record sets no record status.