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Allows one channel to bridge itself to the a or b leg of another call. The remaining leg of the original call gets hungup (or does this only happen with hangup_after_bridge?)


intercept [-bleg] <uuid>


<action application="intercept" data="myUUID"/>

To intercept the b leg of the call:

<action application="intercept" data="-bleg myUUID"/>

Via sendmsg on the event socket:

sendmsg <the uuid of the channel you want to control (inbound leg) >
call-command: execute
execute-app-name: intercept
execute-app-arg: <the uuid of the call you want to bridge to (outbound leg)

Intercept additional variables

To intercept only if the call is not bridged (available since git-58fe45a):

<action application="set" data="intercept_unbridged_only=true"/>
<action application="intercept" data="myUUID"/>

To intercept only if the call was not answered:

<action application="set" data="intercept_unanswered_only=true"/>
<action application="intercept" data="myUUID"/>

intercept_unbridged_only is useful e.g. in scenarious where the initial call has been answered and transferred and is ringing at the transfered extensions. With intercept_unanswered_only=true this call could no longer be intercepted, but with intercept_unbridged_only=true it still can be.

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