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group,[insert|delete|call]:<group name>:<url>,group [insert|delete|call]


The default dialplan uses these commands for add-group, del-group, and the call-group extensions in conf/dialplan/default.xml

On the CLI, to add an external number (i.e. a mobile) to a call group:

 group insert:01@example.com:sofia/gateway/provider/0123456789

This would add to group 01 (as callable via 8201) assuming that the local domain set in vars.xml is example.com, that the gateway name is provider and the number to dial is 0123456789

If you need to set a channel variable, you can do this thus:

 group insert:01@example.com:[sip_cid_type=none]sofia/gateway/provider/0123456789

Deleting group members is of course possible with group delete, but (as far as I know) it's not possible to list the members of a group via the CLI, so you might be better off using SQL. If you're using the default sqlite setup, you'll need to install sqlite, and then you'll be able to point that at the file db/call_limit.db thus:

 sqlite3 db/call_limit.db

and then you can do things like:

 select * from group_data;

to list all group members, to empty a group you could use:

 delete from group_data where groupname = '01@example.com';

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